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  • Description: I was walking long track to get to a nice beach of Menorca.
    I guess I got too close to one of the seabirds' nest cause a couple of them started attacking me and flying around.
    I was about to leave of course but I started liking the relation between me and the male, who flew down close to me many times with this sound. And I stayed to record.
  • Venue: Menorca

  • Uploaded by: diesel
  • Belongs to sound group: menorca (Scape trip to Menorca - May 2012)

  • Tags: seabird fly gaviotas gull volar pajaro menorca
  • Added: 2012-07-19 11:53:46
  • Recorded: 2012-05-28

  • Filesize: 37.87 MB
  • Playtime: 3:45

  • Channels: stereo
  • File format: riff
  • Data format: wav
  • Codec: Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

  • Bit Depth: 16
  • Samplerate: 44100
  • Bitrate: 1411200
  • Average bitrate: 1411200
  • Lossless?: Yes

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