A travelling sound database

The Intro: Welcome to the blind


Have you ever tried to travel with your ears?

Through the exercise of listening you can find a way to explore this world and be in touch with it in a different way. Enter states of relaxation and talk to yourself. Find your own creativity and stimulation to compose your own subjective situation from what you hear.

I know it's hard, I know today everything comes to you through your eyes, specially in internet. Pics, videos. But give your ears a try. Calm down and experiment with sounds, or soundscapes. Be blind for a while, imagine you can't see.

Use the best headphones you can get and close your eyes. That is important, seriously. With headphones you'll notice the stereo panorama of events and everything will be more real.
Now get concentrated, set your primary input at your ears, forget your stressful life and learn how to...


The Project

This is a collection of some of the samples I've recorded so far.

I started this project just for me, as a way to have my files indexed and accesible from everywhere, and to upload new stuff when needed. After, I thought of improving user-experience and share it with everyone. Watching the evolution of today's websites I followed the principles of collaborative databases to create a shared media server with my sounds, and to let people upload their samples too, creating together something interesting and larger.

The objective of this project now, and most of what is stored, is soundscapes from the world. I intend to upload concrete short sounds too, but today a considerable percentage of the sound in database is few-minutes-length recordings of places in the world, or what's called soundscapes. But search for what you look for, you might find it within a soundscape!!
In the present, the database is pretty static, since uploading has been disabled due to inactivity and server-banned-services, like python.

Most of the samples are geo-located in the world soundmap.
From here, you can proceed to search samples.
You can also browse the user-created packs of sounds.

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The status

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Total Files614
Total Filesize13,573 MB
Total Playtime36.2 hours
Average Filesize22.1 MB
Average Playtime3.5 mins
Average Samplerate44,546 samples per second
Average Bit depth12 bits
Average Bitrate1,084.1 kbps

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