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  • Description: I know I got many recordings of storms. Many rains.
    But this is my first storm in Caribe, and I had to record it.

    I spent around ten minutes observing with my ears the subtle differences, like drops on palms, floor, and how wind moved all the time all these plants I'd never seen before.

    Three different micro positions in same take,
  • Venue: Playa del Carmen, MX

  • Uploaded by: diesel
  • Belongs to sound group: mexico (Sounds from my first stage in America: Mexico)

  • Tags: storm tormenta caribe playa mexico agua water rain lluvia
  • Added: 2013-05-03 21:46:35
  • Recorded: 2013-04-30

  • Filesize: 20.32 MB
  • Playtime: 11:06

  • Channels: stereo
  • File format: mp3
  • Data format: mp3
  • File extension: mp3

  • Samplerate: 44100
  • Bitrate: 256000
  • Bitrate Mode: CBR256
  • Average bitrate: 256000
  • Lossless?: No

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