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  • Description: This man from distance in the mountains!
    A mixture of my nights in that hostel in Blue Mountains: starring crickets, far dogs barking, reggae music somewhere in the valley, and this man who brakes his voice to get to his followers, with many Aleluyas, and big Faith, like if anytime they preach, they'd change the world with teardrops.
  • Venue: Mavis Bank, Jamaica

  • Uploaded by: diesel
  • Belongs to sound group: jamaica (The sounds of the rastafar men and their awesome island)

  • Tags: preecher street night jamaica mavis noche predicador misa nocturna
  • Added: 2013-07-19 19:00:26
  • Recorded: 2013-07-12

  • Filesize: 8.54 MB
  • Playtime: 6:13

  • Channels: joint ster
  • File format: mp3
  • Data format: mp3
  • File extension: mp3

  • Samplerate: 44100
  • Bitrate: 192000
  • Bitrate Mode: CBR192
  • Average bitrate: 192000
  • Lossless?: No

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